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Is this really why The Osbournes are moving back to England?
September 2nd, 2022 under The Osbournes. [ Comments: none ]

Ozzy Osbourne recently said that he wanted to move back to London to get away from the gun violence in America. And I just didn’t believe it.

My first thought was that they were going home because Sharon Osbourne couldn’t find work here in the states after parting ways with The Talk.

And, I was kind of right because she found a job over there for her and her family. BBC One is bringing back The Osbournes, 20 years after MTV introduced us to them.

“The series will follow the Osbournes as they celebrate one of their most important years yet – with everything from Sharon’s 70th birthday to Kelly’s soon-to-be-born baby, Ozzy’s tour, and of course the big move itself,” according to the logline posted on Variety.

It will be interesting to see if the Brits still care about them because America doesn’t.


Ozzy Osbourne will have a ‘very major operation’ on Monday
June 10th, 2022 under The Osbournes. [ Comments: none ]

Sharon Osbourne is doing a talk show over in London. However, she told her co-hosts on The Talk, not the one on CBS, that she is going to be spending the next month in Los Angeles because she and Ozzy Osbourne have a lot of things going on.

For example, next week Ozzy “has a very major operation on Monday, and I have to be there. It is really going to determine the rest of, you know, his life.” However, we don’t know what he is going under the knife for, but I am assuming it is related to his Parkinson’s.

It is not all so dire when Sharon is here. She will be here for the birth of Jack’s fourth child and first with his fiancee, Aree Gearhart, in about three weeks.

If that is not for her to have to deal with while she is here, she and Ozzy are going to celebrate their 40th anniversary on July 4th. Who thought the reality show couple would make it that long?


Sharon Osbourne has COVID-19 again
May 4th, 2022 under Coronavirus, The Osbournes. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, Sharon Osbourne announced that her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, caught COVID-19. She left her new show in London to take care of him back in Los Angeles.

What happens if you are a caregiver of someone who has coronavirus; they might give it to you, And that is what happened to Sharon. Now, she is in bed battling COVID for a second time. She previously had it in 2020.


Ozzy Osbourne has COVID-19
April 28th, 2022 under Coronavirus, The Osbournes. [ Comments: 1 ]

Ozzy Osbourne, 73, was diagnosed with COVID-19 early this morning. His wife, Sharon, is over in London filming a new talk show when she heard about his scary diagnosis. Ozzy has several health issues, and he is older, so he is more vulnerable to complications with coronavirus.

Before Sharon got on a plane back to Los Angeles, she recorded an interview with The Sun and told the viewers while ugly crying that she is hoping to be back in a week. Hopefully, she is correct.


Caption Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne!
October 5th, 2021 under The Osbournes. [ Comments: none ]

Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne got together to drink tea, and you know they spilled plenty of it. So you tell me what you think they talked about during their reunion?


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