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[ # ] Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran says she is not wearing a bra anymore
August 31st, 2020 under Shark Tank


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One of the things women got to do since the coronavirus pandemic happened is stopped wearing a bra every day. Barbara Corcoran is one of those women. After nearly 60 years of wearing a brassiere, she has decided to take them off permanently.

The mogul was raised to believe she needs to wear one to keep her breasts from sagging. She realized that her boobs are still perky, whether she wears one or not. Therefore, why wear one? She has gone months without putting on an over the should bolder holder and she plans on doing the same for many more months.

Translation, she lets the sharks out of the tank, and they like swimming free! I am sure that the two men, Mark Cuban and Mr. Wonderful, who sit next to her on Shark Tank, will like it too! Let’s just hope for the censor’s sake, they don’t have the AC on too low in Vegas when they are filming the ABC show.

Can I tell you I am jealous of her? Us ladies, who have heavy boobs, don’t have the same luxury. We come home, take off her face masks and bras before we can sing Hallelujah.

Finally, if you are not following her on TikTok, you are missing out on her cleaning hacks and other shockingly refreshing and honest confessions.


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