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[ # ] Sex Sent Me to the ER starts the New Year off with a bang!
January 2nd, 2016 under Sex Sent Me to the ER

The New Year is off to a good start because Sex Sent Me to the ER is back on TLC tonight at 10p! That’s right, the show that teaches what not to try during sex romps is back with more lessons for us to enjoy.
A woman reads about Vagacials in a magazine and decides to try it for herself. Instead of going to a spa to get it done, she tries it at home. She has her husband mix up the ingredients and give her the facial down there. Only problem is, just before they are going to test it out the rejuvenated vajayjay, it makes her hoo-hah really hot and not in a good way. When nothing seems to work, they rush to the ER and no can stop her burning sensation. How did it all go so wrong? You don’t want to miss what was the cause of her hunk of burning love.
Then a woman promises her boyfriend that she will fulfill his sexual fantasy if he is her wingman at a 5K Zombie themed Race. You see, he has only wanted to do it during a Zombie Apocalypse and she grants him his wish on an empty school bus. Then when a Zombie climbs on the bus and scares them, she bumps her nose into his face. Now she is bleeding uncontrollably and refuses to go to the ER until she finishes the race. Will she finish it? You nose, I mean know, you want to know!
Finally, a pilot comes in to the ER complaining that he suddenly went blind in his eye for a few minutes. No one can figure out what is going on until his wife and him try to have sex in the exam room. What was the cause of his blindness? Let’s just say there is some truth to the old wives tale.
Tonight, is just the season premiere, and it is just going to get better and better with each episode. Kind of like the sex!
So get excited for a whole season of Sex Sent Me to the ER and two exciting specials. Those special episodes are Top 10 Mishaps and Top 10 Moments in the Wild. I can include the descriptions, but I think the titles speak for themselves.


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