Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Sex Sent Me to the ER and Buying Naked steam up our TVs tonight!
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[ # ] Sex Sent Me to the ER and Buying Naked steam up our TVs tonight!
July 5th, 2014 under Sex Sent Me to the ER

Tonight at 9p on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER, a soon-to-be-divorced woman gets physical with her personal trainer and finds herself going to ER because she thinks she’s having a heart attack. Things get ever worse for her when her estranged husband shows up and doctors are complexed by what’s causing her chest pains. Another woman and her husband, decide take their love to the road and find themselves going to the ER when she has a severe pain down there. Her husband’s special present is the cause of the pain and you’ll never believe what that gift was. Finally, a couple are moving out of their place and decide to do it one more time. While down on the floor, the man has a sudden unexplained sharp pain in his knee. Doctors are shocked when they find out what is causing the pain.
Wait until you find out what caused all these couple to go from bedroom to the hospital bed.

Then at 10p, it’s time for a double dose of Buying Naked.
In the first half hour, Jackie wants her new associate, Alex, to feel more comfortable with the residents of the nudist communities, so she makes her attend Skinny Dipping Sunday. That is a day where the textiles and the nudists get together and go swimming. Alex brings her friends with her and by the end of the day most of them find themselves swapping their bathing suits for their birthday ones. While the girls are having fun in Texas, the boys are trying to sell a house in Florida. One of them will have his own fun when he tries a bidet for the first time. Will that lesson, help him sell the house? You just have to tune in to get a lesson on a how selling a house to a nudist differs than a house to a clothed person.
Then at 10:30p, Alex tries naked Yoga, while the guys try golf with some of the nudists. Let’s just say they see more golf clubs and balls then they were expecting. How will they handle it?
But it isn’t all about having fun, they do have to do some work. Jackie is showing some houses to a perspective buyer, but she isn’t sold the community. That is until Jackie takes her to a Best Butt Party. What that is, you will just have to watch to see. That and to see a lot of people with great bodies go completely nude!
What more do you need to make your Saturday nights hot than Sex Sent Me to the ER and Buying Naked? I can’t think of anything.


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