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[ # ] Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll is the rockingest show on television!
June 30th, 2016 under Denis Leary
When I envision what the life of a rock star is like, I think it has to be like how Denis Leary portrays it on FX’s Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. The show is back for its second tonight at 10p and it is even more bitchin’ than it was last year!
Tonight’s episode starts out with them coming back from a funeral for a friend and it makes them start to look at their lives differently. Things will get even more crazy when they watch an old video of the band that shows Ava (Elaine Hendrix) and Flash (John Corbett) kissing. That not only pisses off Johnny Rock (Leary) off but also his daughter Gigi (Elizabeth Gilles) when they both find out their significant others were bumping uglies for a year and never told them about it. Because only in Rock’n’Roll can father and daughter be dating people who dated.
How will they get over it? Three ways. Not with each other, but Ava and Gigi both invite women into their beds for a night. Next week you will see Leary do something you never wanted to see him do. That is all I will say. And you will also see Ava and Gigi get it on with two other women. So it is like hot and cold and hot again.
As the episodes go on, Bam Bam (Robert Kelly) and Rehab (John Ales) will venture out of the band for another project. Ava will get a solo gig that will put a lot of stress on her relationship with Johnny. Flash will learn he doesn’t know how to kiss and gets lessons how to fix that. While Johnny will learn he is not good in bed and he too will get schooled on how to please a woman. But don’t worry, their education will pay off because after all this show is about Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.


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