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[ # ] Seth Meyers needs to be the go to awards show host!
January 8th, 2018 under Seth Meyers

I have not watched the Golden Globes in years, but I tuned tonight for Seth Meyers. I made the right choice.

When he first started hosting Late Night, I thought he sucked at doing monologues. Now 4 years later, he blew people away with his Golden Globes opening monologue. He brilliantly handled the elephants that were not in the room. He had us at, “Ladies and remaining gentlemen,” and kept us laughing for the next 12 minutes. He got oohed for making fun of Kevin Spacey’s Southern Accent. He got laughs as he told jokes with members of the audience. None of it was mean, it was just the right level of fun mixed with snark. It was perfect.

But I have a complaint. During most awards shows, I wish the host would not involve themselves in the shindig as much. Tonight I was upset that he was not in the show enough. He came in like a wrecking ball, smashed like Hulk and then went away for the rest of it. I wanted more of him not less like I do all the others.

What did you think of him being the master of ceremonies? Are you going to watch Late Night from now on? That Jokes Seth Can’t Tell segment is a laugh out loud riot that makes you feel guilty for laughing. Translation, you need to be watching. There’s a reason why I say he is the best late night host on the Big 3.


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