Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Seth Meyers looks like Ellen DeGeneres’ older sister
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[ # ] Seth Meyers looks like Ellen DeGeneres’ older sister
July 31st, 2016 under Seth Meyers

Have you ever wondered why Seth Meyers got the Late Night gig over so many other people? Now we might know why thanks to his Writers. When the NBC late night host was reading positive affirmations that his Writers wrote about him, they revealed that he looks a lot like Ellen DeGeneres’ older sister. So I guess that is there was of saying he got the job because they wanted an Ellen type and that was the best they could do.
Joking! In all honesty he has proven in the last 2 years to be a really strong talk show host. I find that he has become the best political late night host and second behind Conan O’Brien for interviewing. I just wish NBC would do more to promote him because they really have a good host on their network that they seem to be ignoring.


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