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February 19th, 2007 under SOW Greetings

So I am back, but for the next few days my blog will be very plain. I have hired a web designer (Thanks to Dlisted and ICYDK) who will redo this site so it looks better! So please excuse the basic site until then. I will also get the blogroll up then, so sorry fellow bloggers I promise I will put you back. When it comes to what happened to the original site, I will tell you that in a later post. Let's just say the last 36 hours have been pure hell! And I was completely in tears over this. I signed up with Go Daddy and can I tell you they have the nicest customer service out there! I highly recommend them and they are cheap!!! What was extremely helpful to me during this time were fellow bloggers and my readers who contacted me to ask what happened and get me threw the insanity! So here is a Thank you to them because without them I would not have gotten through yesterday! So thanks to in no particular order: Dlisted ICYDK Answer This… pop on the pop Miz Monica Monroe The Dirty Disher Drawn Together on MySpace Allie is Wired Vicky Emily Apres Ladybug Joele Luella Julie


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