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[ # ] SCREAM 2009: Kunal Nayyar talks about The Big Bang Theory
October 19th, 2009 under Chuck Lorre, SCREAM 2009

Next Tuesday (October 27th) at SCREAM 2009 on Spike TV the cast of The Big Bang Theory will present the cast of Battlestar Galactia with a farewell tribute. While BSG may no longer be on the air, The Big Bang Theory still is very much on the airwaves and Kunal Nayyar, who plays Rajesh Koothrappali talked to me about the funnier than funny show on the red carpet.
Last week on TBBT Raj took a job working for, I mean with, Sheldon and their chemistry (no pun) was so perfect together I had to find out if their working relationship was going to continue on throughout the season. Looks like will be getting more of Eye of the Tiger moments because he told me they are still co-workers because he doesn’t want to get deported. Then Kunal told me something that makes me wonder if working with Sheldon is what will cause a rift in the bromance between Wolowitz and him for the next few episode. Hopefully it won’t last that long because I just love it when they try to pick up girls at bars. Talking about dating, I was wondering if the guy who needs to down a drink or a bottle to talk to girls, will actually get a girlfriend this season? He told me, he is really hoping to have one, and if you listen to the interview above you can hear who would like to play that special part. Wouldn’t it be cool if they could get her for the role, it is not like she has too much going on. After all she did have time to come to SCREAM 2009, and I am dying to know if he got to talk to her at the show.
Talking about Sci-Fi icons, Wil Wheaton guest stars on tonight’s The Big Bang Theory on CBS at 9:30p and Kunal told me what it was like to work with him. Everyone on the show seems so excited that he guest starred on the show, that just like Kunal I really hope he comes back for more!!!
On a Kunal note you so have to follow Kunal Nayyar on Twitter, his Tweets make me laugh just like he does on The Big Bang Theory! So check out this awwwdorable actor on CBS tonight and every Monday at 9:30p for a show that will leave you wanting to date a geek because they are just so darn cute and next Tuesday at 10p on Spike TV’s SCREAM 2009!!!


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