Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Sally Field is one bad MoFo when it comes to a curse off against Julia Roberts!
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[ # ] Sally Field is one bad MoFo when it comes to a curse off against Julia Roberts!
May 6th, 2014 under Jimmy Kimmel, Julia Roberts, Sally Field

Yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live they had the Steel Magnolias mother and daughter on the show, and Sally Field and Julia Roberts were anything but the dainty Southern Belles they played in the 1989 movie. The two Oscar winners took part in a curse off and you’d think that Pretty Woman would’ve mopped the floor with the Flying Nun and you would be so so so wrong. Sweet little Gidget that told us, that we love her, we really really love her, was using a lot of other four letter words in the competition and none of them were love. What they were is sadly left to the imagination because the showdown aired on broadcast television and curse words are not lot to be uttered on it. So instead we heard bleeps and saw their mouths pixelized. Now even though we don’t what America’s Sweethearts said that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh with them as they blushed after each naughty word/phrase they said.
Now I have always loved Sally Field because how can you not. But hearing her say dirty dirty words makes me love her a whole more.
And I want to say f*ck you to Jimmy Kimmel because the f*cking bastard actually made me like Julia Roberts for the first time in a really really really long time. Seriously, didn’t she actually come off as likeable and not the snob she always appears to be?


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