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[ # ] Rush Syfy’s American Horror House tonight!
October 13th, 2012 under Morgan Fairchild, Syfy

Tonight at 9p on Syfy American Horror House debuts and you are going to want to watch this campy slasher film! Back in the late 20th century cheesy slasher horror films that took place at a college were as popular as a fraternity or a sorority, but then they graduated to a different type of bloody movie. That is until American Horror House because it unearths that genre again!
Sigma Delta Phi has just moved into a new house and these sorority sisters are not alone. There are a bunch of trapped spirits in the house and now they are going to initiate the new residents. One by one they will die in ways that will make your scream and laugh at the same time. Like the girl who dies by violin strings, I won’t tell you what that means but I will tell you it is an awesome kill. The murders will come to a climax during a Halloween party at the house. Will anyone get out alive or are they all f*cked and not in a good way? You will have to turn into this movie that is so much more than fraternity party and leaves you feeling OK the morning after!
American Horror House stars Morgan Fairchild as the woman who owns the house and has secret that none of the girls know about…


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