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[ # ] Ruby & The Rockits is a Cassidy Family Affair!!!
July 28th, 2009 under David Cassidy, Freeform

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For the first time in David, Shaun, Patrick and Ryan Cassidy's lives, the four brothers are working together. So what brought this Showbiz legacy of a family all together? Well Shaun Cassidy pitched a show to ABC Family called Ruby & The Rockits with his brothers Patrick and David in mind and then hired his baby brother Ryan to set design and the rest is TV history. So what is it like for these brother to work together? As someone who has been on the set, it is like going to family reunion where the brothers recapture their childhood and everyone wants to hang with them and they want you to do the same. It really is a family atmosphere on the set. The Cassidy brothers aren't the only ones of their family to work on the show, Patrick's wife Melissa Hurley, who was a dancer in the '80s and '90s music video, choreographs the '80s video dance numbers and last week it was confirmed that David's TV mom and Shaun, Patrick and Ryan's real mom, Shirley Jones will appear on an episode as guess what…their mom. In fact Friday nights when the show tapes 3 generations of the family come out to watch Ruby & The Rockits and because there are so many of them, I think that is why the show's taping are always sold out and that was before the show even aired! Joking! It really is a show with someone and something for everyone in your family!
Ruby & The Rockits is loosely based on the Cassidy Family and things they have been through. Kind of how like when Ruby surprised David in the pilot by telling him he is her dad, David did that with his brothers with Katie. According to Shaun when the Melrose Place star was 15, David brought her along to dinner one night with his brothers and then he said, "Oh, and by the way, this is my daughter, I’ll have the chopped chicken liver and the…”. That was the first time they met and learned about her. Shaun is the family man like Patrick and Patrick is the father of 2 boys like his character. In fact Shaun told us when he originally pitched the show, he wanted Patrick to play the rock star and David the dad, thankfully they switched that out. 
The three other brothers talked about their experience with the show and working together. David being the eldest took credit how it was idea that got the ball started!

Well, my brother and I had a phone call about a year and a half ago—Shaun and I. And I had the germ of the idea of doing a family show, which we have talked about—Patrick and I haven't talked about working together and said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could,”—I’m trying to think of the original conversation that just sparked the idea. And he ran with it, you know. That’s what he does and he does it well. I said a music show satirizing our family, my persona, his, and Patrick and I have always wanted to work together.

And I said, “You know, it’d be great if we could get Ryan as well. Then the four of us can work together for the first time,”  

Patrick summed it up best what it is like for the 4 Brothers to work together:

There’s no downside to it, because even when—let’s say Shaun and I have a disagreement or Dave and I have a disagreement, this is the only job I know where I can go to the Executive Producer and he can yell and scream at me, and I can yell and scream back at him and I still have a job the next day. You know what I mean?

So, it’s a collaborative effort. And like Katie was saying, I’m always wondering what the crew people and the other actors think about what it’s like from the outside looking at us all doing this together.  I think they get how much we care about each other. I think they get how much it means to us to be able to do this, to have the privilege to do it together. I think they feel all of that. And I think they feed off of that. So, there really isn’t a downside. There really isn’t.

It’s a funny thing. I’ve said this. I’m really getting paid to have therapy, because I’m getting to do it with my family. And you learn stuff about your family when you work with them as opposed to just hanging out with them every Christmas.

And baby Ryan put it all in perspective:

I love working with my brothers. I come every day, and it’s great. You know, it’s a little surreal actually, because I’ve been doing this for so many years on different shows, to go to work and actually see all your, you know, all your siblings, is great, actually. It’s been such a joy to do. So, I’m having so much fun. And I’m very grateful for it because it’s a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity, I think. So, I’m enjoying every moment of it, and it makes the work just that much more enjoyable to do. I actually don’t see it as work. I see it as enjoy, you know. So, it’s great. 

As you can Ruby & The Rockits is a show the whole family can enjoy because it really is a family show. What other sitcom on TV today can say that? So tune into ABC tonight at 8:30p to feel like part of The Cassidy Family! On tonight's episode Ruby is adjusting to living with Patrick, his wife and their two sons and finally getting to know her dad. What better way for her to get to know him, but to organize a father/daughter dance at her school. Will David disappoint her or will he make her proud. Believe me you will want to tune in to see what he does because it will definitely having you LYAO!!! BTW I have to admit that I was kind of nervous that the show wouldn't be as good as the pilot and after seeing the 2nd and third episodes, I have to say I was right because the show was not as good as the pilot…it was a whole lot better! Seriously this show gets btter with each laugh!!!So make sure to check it out tonight and every Tuesday on ABC Family at 8:30p!
Next week see what the non-Cassidy Family members had to say about working on the show, and which one of the brothers is their favorite…hint they all the same thing!!!

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