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[ # ] Roman Polanski to act in Rush Hour 3
September 25th, 2006 under Movies

Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski rarely acts anymore, but he’s agreed to appear in Brett Ratner’s "Rush Hour 3." On Friday, a wave of speculation poured over the Internet about this as a possibility, but I can confirm it for you. Polanski’s most famous acting job was in his own movie "Chinatown" some 32 years ago (he’s the guy who slits open Jack Nicholson ’s nose). In "Rush Hour 3," Polanski will play a French cop who gives stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker a tough time. Ratner has scored a coup in getting Polanski as well as actors Max von Sydow and Yvan Attal . "I met him when I did the first ‘Rush Hour,’" Ratner said of Polanski. "My favorite movie is ‘The Tenant,’ which he starred in. Since we’re shooting in Paris, it made sense." Of course, Polanski won’t be able to do any publicity for this role when "Rush Hour 3" is released next year. He’s still considered a fugitive after having sex with a 13-year-old girl in Malibu back in 1977. He left the U.S. and never returned rather than face a prison sentence. When his acclaimed movie "The Pianist" opened four years ago, that girl, now a grown woman, attempted to absolve Polanski of any crime. Samantha Geimer wrote an op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times and did interviews with at least two syndicated TV shows. She e-mailed this column several times as well. Even though the Web site published the findings of the 1977 grand jury that handled the case, the publicist for Focus Films blamed this column for uncovering Geimer.

Fox 411

I think it is such BS that he is not allowed back in the country. There are people that walk around America who committed worse crimes, you know like the people who bruatally killed his pregnant wife and their friends.


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