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[ # ] Robert De Niro dies more than any other actor
December 31st, 2010 under Brangelina, Robert De Niro

Ever wonder which star has died the most on the big screen? Well ChaCha has compiled a list and Robert De Niro topped it at 14. The next actor who Dies Hard over and over again is Bruce Willis in with 11 deaths. Who is next on the list From Hell, that will be Johnny Depp who became known when Freddy Krueger killed him in Nightmare on Elm Street and he died 9 times after that. Now the list goes on, but I think it is wrong because I think that Brad Pitt who they say died 9 times should be equal with the man he co-starred with in an episode of 21 Jump Street. As you can see in the clip above from Meet Joe Black, he was definitely killed in Meet Joe Black as he was hit not by one, but by two cars in the movie that was so long I feel asleep watching as many times as Pitt has died on the big screen.


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