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[ # ] Reelz gets real about what got The Police to say I can stand losing you
May 3rd, 2020 under Reelz, The Police

The Police were one of the biggest bands of the early ’80s, but they never saw the ’90s as one. Tonight at 8p, Reelz follows their career from their start in 1977, the unbelievable rise to fame and what ultimately led to Breaking The Band.

Stewart Copeland was an established musician thanks to his brother Miles, who was one of the biggest managers of the time. The drummer was touring England when he met a school teacher named Sting. The two exchanged phone numbers and eventually formed the band with a third member.

That third member was not Andy Summers. He joined the band later on and The Police was born.

At first, they were worked well together, but then their egos got in the way. It got so bad they could not all be in the studio to record together. In fact, at one point Sting, buried one of Summers’ demos.

By the time their final album Synchronicity came out, the writing was on the primary color wall. Playing Shea Stadium should have been a happy time for the trio. Instead, it was the realization it was over. After a few more dates, they parted ways for 20 years.

Then they reunited for one more world tour, but the friction was still there.

Now, they each have their own careers, but nothing they will ever do will top what they did as The Police.

I thought I knew a lot about the band, but I learned a lot about them I didn’t know. It is amazing that three guys who made such beautiful music together did not have a beautiful relationship.


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