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[ # ] Reality Queen, that’s hot!
December 3rd, 2019 under Movies

Remember when Paris Hilton was the hottest thing out there? Then she was replaced by the Kardashians? Well, Reality Queen is a movie that imagines what it was like for her when she started to decline and the three sisters took over her reign.

The film is described as, “Writer-director Steven Jay Bernheim’s clever mockumentary fixes on a Paris Hilton-esque heiress named London (newcomer Julia Faye West) who is struggling to regain fame after being pushed out of the limelight by three Kardashian-type sisters named The Kims. London’s life is a self-indulgent maelstrom of product endorsements, talent managers, pet psychics, private jets, fashion shows, yachts, and a celebrity posse. Despite her wackiness, she ultimately makes it back to the top of the heap. This parody of America’s infatuation with fame raises the question: are these celebs-for-no-reason marketing geniuses, or are they just the accidental beneficiaries of the American public’s stupidity?”

I describe it as “that’s hot.” It is the spoof we have been waiting over a decade for, so it makes sense it will be the first comedy to come out in the new decade. Mark your calendars because you are not going to want to miss it when it comes out on January 10th in select theaters, home video, and digital.


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