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August 11th, 2015 under Movies
Hot Pursuit is a hootenanny and now you can enjoy the Chick Flick whenever you want. The Womance that stars Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon is available now to own via DVD/Blu-ray combo pack and you want to add it to your collection.
Cooper (Witherspoon) is the most uptight cop in the force and no one wants to work with her. She is assigned a case where she needs to bring a federal witness back to San Antonio with her. That witness is Daniella Riva (Vergara) and she is savvy Latina woman and the opposite of Cooper.
When Cooper gets to the house, some men come in and shoot her partner and Riva’s wife. Now the two of them are on the run. Cooper is trying to get Mrs Riva back to San Antonio, but there are people after them. The people they think are good are not and now instead of being the good ones, they are bad one. To makes matters worse for them, Cooper really has no clue what she is doing. Will she be able to get her woman back to San Antonio on time and get her name cleared or will they forever be on the run?
You will just have to buy this fun, fast-paced, action-packed thrill ride to find out. Men have their share of Buddy Action films, but up until now, us women did not. Now we do with Hot Pursuit, so why not go on one with Reefia!
The Blu-ray includes these special features: The Womance, Hot Pursuit: Say What?, Action Like A Lady and an Alternate Ending.


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