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[ # ] Rachel Bloom got rid of her heavy boobs
August 16th, 2021 under Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

In April 2020, Rachel Bloom welcomed her first child, Maven, and she breastfed her daughter. The buxom actress found out that her boobs got bigger because of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore, she wanted her old girls back, so she went under the knife.

“I did it!” she wrote. “Context: Before pregnancy, I hadn’t ever craved a breast reduction. I was pretty happy with where my body was at. I mean, at times, my dd/ddd boobs (size dependent on time of month) were annoying and sweaty (and yes, heavy), but I was lucky to never really experience major physical discomfort from them.

“But then, I got pregnant and grew very quickly from a dd/ddd to a size G. Then, after breastfeeding, their entire texture changed; they got super super soft, which is a thing that pregnancy/breastfeeding does that no one really tells you about. So at the end of it all it felt like I had a pair of big soft balls weighing down my chest. (Like post-shower balls. Really relaxed. You know).

“I started to get underboob rashes, shoulder grooving (when your bra strap digs into your skin), neck issues and night sweats (I couldn’t fall asleep unless I had a pillow in BETWEEN my breasts).

“I met with 3 doctors and, over the course of a few months, settled on someone lovely. My request was to just go back my pre-pregnancy size (if not maybe a little bit smaller).

“I’m still healing so we’ll see what happens. But I already feel more comfortable and relieved.

“Lesson/conclusion/stunning revelation from this experience TBD?!”

I can’t wait to hear the song that comes out of this experience because you know the Crazy Ex Girlfriend is going to write one.

If you have never heard her song Heavy Boobs, then

This is my anthem!


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