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[ # ] Queen Latifah shines the spotlight on Tupac!
December 10th, 2013 under Jimmy Kimmel, Queen Latifah

Did you know that before Queen Latifah was a sitcom star, an Oscar nominee, an awards show host and a talk show host, she was a rapper. Well yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live she talked about her touring past with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop like Public Enemy, Heavy D, Will Smith and Digital Underground to name a few. She decided to highlight her experience by sharing a story about Tupac Shakur from back in the day. Back in the ’80s there were groups that were out to censor music and musicians had to abide by the laws or face arrest. One night when Digital Underground was doing their hit Humpty Dance, they figured a way to do it as is and then make a run for it by escaping through the audience. Only problem is they didn’t tell the spotlight operator and he shined the light on them the whole time. Needless to say they were busted by the popo. I wonder if they were laughing backstage or pooping a brick as they watched the whole thing go down. I think I would be laughing because it was like a jail break but at a concert and with no dogs.


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