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[ # ] Quantum Leap is finally back after that shocking cliffhanger
January 2nd, 2023 under Quantum Leap

It has been almost two months since we got a new episode of Quantum Leap, and it is finally back with a new episode tonight at 10p on NBC.

When we last left off, Ben (Raymond Lee) told Addison (Deborah Ann Woll) that the reason why he started leaping was to save her. Just as he said that to her, he leaped into a new person. Therefore, leaving her and us hanging.

Ben leaps into a bodyguard, who is protecting Carly (Deborah Ann Woll), a singer, in 1979. When Addison tells him to save her life, he does. However, that doesn’t keep her from being killed. So now, he has to do whatever he can to save her.

Much like he has to save his fiancĂ©e. Addison sees the parallels between Carly and herself, but Ben doesn’t. Will she be able to get through to him?

When Addison tells Magic (Ernie Hudson), Jenn (Nanrisa Lee), and Ian (Mason Alexander Park) why Ben is leaping, they start doing everything in their power to save her too. They even go as far as to find Al’s daughter Janis Calavicci (Georgina Reilly), to see what she knows about Addison’s fate. What she says will shock you. But I have said too much.

What I will say is that I am happy that the series is focusing as much on the leaps as they do on what is going on during the current time. I don’t know about you, but I am tuning in more for the leaps than the serialized content.

Since they have been doing a 50/50 mix, I think that the Sci-Fi Drama has really found its groove. Therefore, making it totally groovy!


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