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March 11th, 2019 under Epix, Iggy Pop
Before there was New Wave, Alternative, Grunge and Emo Rock, there was Punk music. It gave birth to so many different genres of Rock, and tonight at 10p, Epix tells the story of how Punk began and is still going strong in a 4-part docuseries that sits down with the biggest name in that scene.

I always thought that Punk started in the mid-’70s, but turns out it was truly born at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. The Chicago 8 invited a whole bunch of bands to play at their protests, but only MC5 showed up. As they were playing, the police were beating up the young protestors as they listened to the band. The band and several other people realized they needed to use music to get their message out.

Iggy Pop, who grew up in a trailer, watched a lot of music shows, as he took drum lessons, and he liked how untraditional MC5 was. He respected them and their style. Although, they were not the band that convinced the Detroit native to stop playing back up with Blues bands. That title went to The Doors, who he saw play a college dance. They did not know any of their songs and they did not care. That inspired him to break out on his own and eventually become the Godfather of Punk.

Around that time, Sylvain Sylvain was in high school and he asked the guy, who was surrounded by girls, to join his band. At first, Johnny Thunders, said no, but then he said yes and learned how to play bass. The men would wear women’s clothes, threads from England and their girlfriends’ makeup when they went on stage as the New York Dolls. Creating an androgynous look that is notoriously identified with Punk Rock.

They were not the only ones playing the New York scene at clubs like CBGBs, so was a band called Blondie. Their repertoire was so short, Debbie Harry says that they played each of their songs 4 times along with covers. None of that discouraged them, so they kept on playing and eventually become the band we know today.

They were not the only band who was taking NYC by storm, so was The Ramones. No one knew what to make of them, but they were popular even though their quick songs had their sets lasting around 15 minutes.

I said earlier that Iggy Pop was from Detroit, he was not the only one. Jayne County also hailed from there. She was rock’s first transgendered performer and she would trick people to let her band play their clubs.

They are the forefathers and foremothers of Punk Rock, but they got their name from a magazine. A name they did not like because of what Punk meant back then. That is one of the many many many interesting things you will learn about Punk tonight and the next few weeks on Epix.

The episode ends with one line from Johnny Lydon aka Johnny Rotten, so I am assuming next week looks at the British groups like Sex Pistols, The Clash and David Bowie.

Whether you love Punk music or just want to know more about, this is a great history lesson for all to enjoy. Well, maybe not your kids because they might be too young. F*ck that, you are never too young to understand what Punk is all about. Teach the impressionable when they are impressionable.


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