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[ # ] Post Malone gave a drunk Seth Meyers face tattoos
June 8th, 2022 under Seth Meyers

It has been a while since Seth Meyers went day drinking, and he finally did it again. This time he went with Post Malone.

The day started off OK with the two men getting to know each other. Then, the Late Night host started to make drinks based on the singer’s tattoos. That didn’t go as well as expected because his writers screwed up in several ways. The biggest was the ingredients that the drinks were made of. One was so bad that they were thoroughly grossed out. Thankfully, the next cocktail was hot, as in full of a lot of hot peppers.

Now, it was time for Malone to make Meyers hot, so he gave him three tats on his face. That ink caused the two men to fight over who is faster, Superman or The Flash. Malone thinks it is Clark Kent and Meyers thinks it is Barry Allen. Watching two intoxicated men have this very important debate made me spit out my drink.

And with no clear winner, it was time for them to have a final call. What better way to end the day than to sing the theme to Cheers, a show Malone had never watched.

While he never watched the sitcom, I bet you will be watching this at least one more time.


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