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[ # ] Popularity of Slot Games Explained with Five Simple Reasons
February 28th, 2020 under Uncategorized

In the mid to late 90’s online casinos became a mobile activity and became the ultimate in convenience and with the prediction that by the end of 2019 half of the UK population will be gaming online. Gamers can sit anywhere in the world, be at a computer, on a tablet, a mobile phone and even access it via an app. There are no gaming consoles to purchase or even glitzy evening wear required to play, a player playing online slots can do so anytime and anywhere. We look at the top five simple reasons to play at and why online slot games have become so popular.


Primarily it is the convenience. It helps hugely and is more fun not to have to move from your sofa, your desk, a coffee shop for example whilst playing your online slot game. Location is no issue, an online slot player can sit anywhere with no restriction on time zones even in your pajamas playing. Players can leave the game and come back to it, have a quick spin at the coffee machine at the office or even sneakily at their desk.

Anyone can play.

Online gaming is now perceived as an interest for all genres across all demographics opening it up to busy execs who want to de-stress, teenagers, women and men and across all different walks in life. In country’s where there may be a gambling restriction, playing online can combat this as can age restrictions, whilst remaining sensible, of course. Players of a certain age can still partake whereas they wouldn’t be allowed access into a traditional land based casino.


Unlike traditional land based casinos where knowledge, skill and strategy is key, online slot games is the exact opposite. No one is watching you and trying to work out your next move so consequently it is easier to think about the next move. A lot of online slot games will come with some form of instructions too and therefore are easy to pick up.


Online slot gaming is not restricted to individual activity and players can play against each albeit not necessarily sitting next to each other. Think of the traditional casino and the tension and the strategy involved, with online slot gaming there is no face to face contact and therefore no one can see body language which may give away your next move, realistically leaving you with more chance to hit that jackpot!


Don’t be mistaken; there are big bucks to be earned playing online slots. On a progressive jackpot players can hit lucky and win millions. But the tension and pressure in a land based traditional casino is way more intense and serious than if a player is sitting at home playing an online slot and therefore may not feel the urge to continue betting and betting when they know they should quit. Online slots have a level of transparency too, a progressive jackpot will publicise what the next potential win could be and the return to player percentage is always widely available.


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