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[ # ] Pink will do anything to cell a CD
April 7th, 2007 under Pink

According to ISE, Pink was recently at a record store in LA and saw a bunch of her CDs on the shelf. So she made an offer several people in the store could not resist. “‘I’ll kiss anyone who buys one of my CDs!’ Within seconds there was a queue of guys lined up holding her new record. “She kissed every single disc – leaving a red lipstick imprint of her lips behind. But one wise guy insisted she keep her promise and give him a proper kiss. “She tried to duck out of it but then grabbed his face and planted a smacker on his lips. “She asked, ‘How was that?’ and he said, ‘I’ll take two’!” No word how many CDs were left after she was done kissing all the ones that sold.

Maybe other artists should use this tactic to sell CDs like Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline and soon Britney Spears and …

(Photo from Yeeeah!)


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