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[ # ] Peter pisses off Santa on Family Guy and things get fishy on The Last Man on Earth
December 11th, 2016 under Seth MacFarlane, Will Forte

Tonight at 9p on Fox’s Family Guy, Peter dresses up as Santa Claus and realizes all the benefits that come with the costume. Since he is Peter, he takes advantage of anything and everything, and the real Kris Kringle doesn’t like it. Thus, he has a talk with him and puts him on his naughty list. But it is the man in red who gets naughty with him. Will Peter keep doing what he is doing or will Santa win?
He isn’t the only bad Griffin in the family, Brian and Stewie crash Office Christmas parties. One time they go too far and it might finally teach them the lesson they need.
This is not your happy Christmas special, but it definitely is a very funny one.

Then at 9:30p on Fox’s The Last Man on Earth’s Fall Finale, it looks like everyone might not make it back for the Spring premiere.
Now that they found Melissa (January Jones) it still seems like she is lost. Erica (Cleopatra Coleman) and Lewis (Kenneth Choi) try to convince Todd (Mel Rodriguez) to lock her up until they know she is back to being her old self. He tells them no and then she goes missing again. Will they find her again this time?
Then there is Gail (Mary Steenburgen) who is still stuck in that elevator in the building next door, and no one is looking for her. She see a Roomba just outside the elevator, and tries to get it to her so she can put a message on it. Will her plan work?
Finally, Tandy (Will Forte) and Carol (Kristen Schaal) go on their long postponed honeymoon! He takes her fishing, but are there any fishes left for them to catch? Then a miracle happens, they catch a fish.
Tonight’s episode is another touching one that makes you both laugh and cry at the same. Plus, we get the return of Will Forte dressed up as a dinosaur and that is the best thing we’ve seen on television all season long.


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