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[ # ] Party of Five still makes Scott Wolf cry
May 8th, 2017 under Scott Wolf

Even though it has been 17 years since Party of Five ended, watching the show still makes one of the actors cry. Scott Wolf discovered his drama on Netflix and decided to binge it. What happened after when he went down that “rabbit hole”? He says that he bawled his face off and his puffy red eyes prove that he did. Proving that the show is just as emotional for the actors as it is to us.

I actually also discovered the series on the streaming service this weekend and debated whether or not to Netflix and Chill with it. After hearing him say it made him weep uncontrollably, I will skip it until I need a good cry.

When it comes to Bailey, how much more handsome does he look after a good wail? And can someone tell me how has he not aged a day since the show debuted almost 23 years ago?

Finally, when are we going to get a Party of Five reunion or reboot? We need it!


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