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[ # ] Paris Hilton can’t handle the truth
July 20th, 2011 under Paris Hilton

ABC News‘ Dan Harris was interviewing Paris Hilton and she appearantly didn’t like what he asked her so she got up, ran over to her publicist and paused the interview. What got her so upset that she walked away from her interview? Well he asked her if she thinks her moment has passed because the people that have come after her like Kim Kardashian are bigger than her and he also pointed out that her new reality show bombed. I didn’t even know she had one on the air right now. Did you?
Now back to her, I guess she can’t handle the truth that her 15 minutes are almost up. I for one am glad that they are because what has she done to be all over magazine and such. Well you know a few years ago when she was hot, unlike now because she is a not and doesn’t get the press she used to.
Paris if you are doing an interview with a major news outlet, don’t get up and walk out on the interview. Because you know what they will walk out on you and you need them much more than they need you. Just saying.
Oh an never walk out on an interview when the cameras are rolling because as you just learned, they will air it! Good for ABC News for actually having the balls to show it!


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