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[ # ] Only Gordon Ramsay’s daughter could do this to him
March 18th, 2021 under Gordon Ramsay

I think we can all agree that Gordon Ramsay likes to give people crap. Therefore, you would expect that gene to pass onto his five children, and it did.

Yesterday, Tilly Ramsay decided to try a prank on her dad, and it is so satisfying for us. Even more so for the people who have appeared on Ramsay’s many, many, many shows.

Anyways, back to the prank. She pretended to put a whole raw egg in a plastic water bottle. When he went to see if it was in there, she squeezed the bottle, and water got all over him. But she was not done. She then hit the egg on the top of his head, and it got all over him. All he could do was sit there as the egg and water slowly dripped down his face.

I just have four words for Tilly, “Thank you very much!” I hope he didn’t cut her out of the will for this joke. Because then she will be the one left with egg on her face.


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