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[ # ] One of the married homeowners kept hitting on Jonathan Scott
January 31st, 2020 under Conan O'Brien, HGTV

The Property Brothers were on Conan yesterday and they talked about their track record with the ladies.

Did you know that Drew was so bad with women that he had to buy a book to get better with them? Jonathan said his twin went from not being able to talk to girls to becoming a douce. In fact, Drew’s pickup line to his now-wife was, “Where did you get that water?” Hey, it worked.

When it comes to Jonathan, he once had a married homeowner hit on him, and her husband had no idea what she was doing. Drew acted out how she would come out of nowhere and do this slithering thing to let Jonathan know she was interested. He was not.

The brothers said she was not the only weird person whose house they worked on. Of the 400 people, they worked with there were about a dozen that made their internal weird reel. Oh, to be a fly on the wall to see what is on that tape.

Then the twins pointed out that a lot of construction terms are really perverted. Things like “lube up the nipple” and “lay some caulk.” You know, HGTV should give them a show demonstrating all of these terms and call it HGTV After Dark. They can film it at the Brady Bunch house to give it that ’70s porn feel. I would pay attention to every word they say, and I don’t care about remodeling. I just hope that Drew doesn’t use any of his pickup lines because they are really awful.


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