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[ # ] One of CSI: NY’s own is killed in a copycat murder tonight
March 30th, 2012 under CBS

Mac (Gary Sinese) is texted a picture of a dead woman on tonight’s CSI: NY at 9p on CBS, and when he goes to investigate the body he realizes she is someone that works with him. The lab tech appears to have been murdered exactly the same way as a woman who was killed 55 years earlier at the same location. This case has just became personal and they are going to do everything they can to find her murderer, even if it is one their own. There will be twist and turns in trying to solve her death like was she killed by the person who killed the other woman half a century earlier. The CSI will get some help from the cop who worked the first case and that officer is played by Lee Majors. He will give a clue that will solve her murder and who did it will shock you.
Tune in for another suspenseful episode of CSI: NY.



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