Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Olivia Wilde wore a pubic wig for her Vinyl nude scene!
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[ # ] Olivia Wilde wore a pubic wig for her Vinyl nude scene!
March 25th, 2016 under Olivia Wilde, Seth Meyers

Olivia Wilde was on Late Night yesterday and Seth Meyers asked her about her nude scene on Vinyl. She told him she felt good about it because she got to wear a Merkin on the show. What is a Merkin? She explained, “The Merkin is a pubic wig and it’s great. It makes you feel a little less naked.” Then she added, “The reason for it, because in the ’70s people let it all grow out.” In other words, she had to let down there, go like her last name to represent the era.
Then she revealed that they have a Merkin Wall for the actresses to chose how they want their crotches to look on the show. That’s right, they get to Build a Bush. One she was happy to prounce around the set, showing it off to all and making sure that everyone knew it was fake. She didn’t want anyone to think otherwise.
And now you know more than you wanted to know about Olivia Wilde’s wilde pubic hair on the HBO period drama.



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