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[ # ] Oliver Hudson needs an acting job!
May 12th, 2016 under Oliver Hudson

Last year, Oliver Hudson had two acting jobs, one on Nashville and the other on Scream Queens. Now he is on a break and needs something to do. He asked Harmless Harvest to send him some Coconut Water and they did. Thus, he is on kick and he wants to see what else he can get. Not for himself but for us.
So if he is so willing to help us, then we should help him get him a job. Put him in some scrubs and I can see him playing Meredith Grey’s new love interest on Grey’s Anatomy. He can be McHottie. Or how about putting him in a suit and have him be the newest agent on NCIS or NCIS: LA or NCIS: NoLA or NCIS: wait is there a fourth one? Or make him a hipster and have him date Caroline Channing on 2 Broke Girls. Or better yet, how hot would he be as a fireman on Chicago Fire. He is so versatile, there has to be a role for him on one of the shows.
Now what do I want him to get me? Diamonds from Kay because they are a girls’ best friend. I think that is doable!


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