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August 13th, 2008 under ABC

Hot off the heels of the announcement that ABC and CBS are working on bringing The Witches of Eastwick and Hawaii Five-O (respectively) to the small screen comes word that ABC is trying to serve up Maid in Manhattan to the small screen too according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“The show is a different maid in a different Manhattan,” Hodge said.
The lead in the TV version will still be a young Latina from the Bronx working at a Manhattan hotel who tries to make it in the world. But the series will focus mostly on her relationships with co-workers.
“While the hotel’s clientele is an obvious part of this world, I’m more interested in the downstairs part of ‘Upstairs, Downstairs,’ ” Hodge said, referring to the classic British series.

Why? Why? Why? The thing I hate more than remakes is when the networks say that they bringing something to the small screen but it is not a remake and has nothing to do with the original, but just enough to try to bank on the success of the one it is based on. Networks own up to the fact that you are not original. I think the small screen would be just fine without any of the above three, don’t you?


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