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[ # ] Night Court pleads its case, New Amsterdam checks out
January 17th, 2023 under NBC, New Amsterdam

Tonight at 8p, Night Court is back in session on NBC. Unfortunately, Harry Stone (Harry Anderson) is no longer with us, but his daughter is about to take over his judge’s chair.

Melissa Rauch plays Abby (wait until you hear what Abby is short for) Stone, and she is a new judge. She is just like her dad, and not everyone is going to like it. So she loses her public defender and decides to ask the recently widowed Dan Fielding if he wants to do it.

At first, he says no. But eventually, he gives in. He is not the same man we knew back in the ’80s. He has grown up, and he is a mentor to the people in the Night Court.

Olivia Moore (India de Beaufort) is the ADA. She is good at her job but has a lot to learn. Thankfully, Dan is there to help her.

And he is also there for Neil (India de Beaufort), who is the clerk. He is so a work in progress. And each week, we will see him getting a little bit stronger.

Finally, there is Gorgs (Lacretta), the bailiff. She is the perfect mix of Bull and Roz.

I grew up with Night Court, and it is one of my favorite shows. I like the sequel, but I don’t love it. I can tell it will grow on me, but after six episodes, I know I am going to need the season.

My biggest problem is Rauch is trying too hard to be like Harry Anderson. And no one can step into his clown shoes.

The other problem is they castrated Dan Fielding. He was a womanizer, but that is what made him so lovable. To take away such a big part of the character takes away from the character.

If you enjoyed the original, then you will like this version. You just have to stay with it.

Then at 9p, New Amsterdam says goodbye with a two-hour series finale. The first episode is your average one. However, the second one starts out with Max (Ryan Eggold) saying his goodbye to the hospital.

In his farewell speech to everyone, he tells them to remember the moment that they chose to be doctors. And throughout the episode, we will see that moment for Iggy (Tayler Labine), Bloom (Janet Montgomery), Reynolds (Jocko Sims), and Wilder (Sandra Mae Frank).

Back to Max leaving, he says his goodbye so that he could spend the day with his daughter. But a rare case comes in, and he is the only doctor who has successfully saved someone who had it. So, he comes back in, and everyone that we love will work with him to try to save her life.

Will they be able to do it? All I will say is the series gets a perfect ending.

I will miss New Amsterdam. Unfortunately, it went off course when they sent him to London. But it was back this season with lots of heartwarming moments. And no medical show did as good of a job as they did.

Because of that, I want to thank everyone who worked on the show for five years. You brought the heart back to medical dramas.


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