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[ # ] Nicolas Wright talks about Accidentally on Purpose
October 26th, 2009 under CBS

Tonight on CBS at 8:30p they are re-airing the pilot of Accidentally on Purpose and you can get to see how this funny sitcom started out. AoP is about a woman, Billie (Jenna Elfman) in her mid-thirties who gets knocked up by her much younger one night stand. Once she finds out she is pregnant she asks him, Zack (Jon Foster) to move in and with him comes his BFF Davis. Davis is played by the hysterical Nicolas Wright and he told me about his character and the show.
Davis is one of those guys who will never grow up, and Nicolas told me that even though his character is that way in ways he is like a surrogate dad to Zack. What he likes about Davis he is unpredictable and you never know what you are going to get with him. That is something that has been evident throughout the show so far. Like last week when Davis decided that he wanted to have relationship that was more than just sex with a girl, so he glued his pants’ zipper shut. Sadly the glue worked, and he lost the girl who didn’t want anything more than a booty call.
When I asked him how much of Davis is like him he told me, “I think there is an inner slacker in all of us. I am definitely proned to bringing mine to the surface more often than not. I’m not quite as messy as him. My apartment doesn’t have gun metal gray walls with dirty bean bags and lawn chairs as furniture. You know, but I procrastinate on a lot of things and I don’t dishes as much as I should. I definitely share some of the slacker traits that Davis has. And I have a lot of fun letting that come out when I play him. It’s ridiculous. Who doesn’t want to wash plates with squirt guns?” I know I do. And who doesn’t want a slacker BFF? But even though he is a slacker, he is always there for Zack when he needs him.
So since Zack has an older woman that he lives with, does that mean Davis will get to hook up with one of Billie’s friends? Nicolas told me that he hopes he gets a chance with a Billie’s BFF, Olivia played by Ashley Jensen, who if she hasn’t popped out her baby now is about to any second. What Nicolas might not know is when I asked the show creator Claudia Lonow if there was the slightest chance that would happen, she told me it would. I can’t wait for that episode, and I am sure he is even more excited about it!!!
Nicolas has two other projects to besides Accidentally on Purpose to be excited about. His film The Wild Hunt won an award Toronto Film Festival and will be coming out in the next few months! He also has a series in development with IFC called Dieter Horn an ’80s action show celebrating that decades action movies! You can watch the clip below and make sure to watch him tonight and every Monday at 8:30p in CBS’s Accidentally on Purpose!


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