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[ # ] Nick Offerman puts Joy Behar in her place!
October 5th, 2023 under Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, The View

Today on The View, the woman spent the Hot Topics getting hot, as in hot down there. Actually, they were talking about do you have to tell your lover how many sexual partners you have had. Then, Joy Behar said I don’t need a lot of partners. I just need one who can find her G-spot.

And then the conversation went on in a different direction.

Later on in the show, Nick Offerman came out as a guest. After he sat down, Whoopi Goldberg asked him how Megan Mullally is, and then she added that his wife is fabulous. Offerman responded with, “I must have one hell of a personality.” But he wasn’t done. He grabbed a piece of paper and pen, said in his deadpan way, “Actually, it’s all about finding the G-spot,” and drew a photo.

Everyone was laughing, including Behar. However, she ripped up his drawing, which Sarah Haines declared that she knows his wife so much better after the picture that he drew.

Then, Whoopi tried to go on, but she was still laughing uncontrollably. But she did manage to say, “You know why she is smiling now.”

And with that, Joy used to be a comedian. And Offerman still is one! Instead of a mic being dropped, a vibrator hit the floor in his honor.

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