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[ # ] New low for Heather Mills: She says Paul also abused Linda?
October 22nd, 2006 under Paul McCartney/Heather Mills

Heather Mills now says Paul McCartney was a two-timer – as a fighter, not a lover. The ex-model has told a close friend that Sir Paul used to knock around his first wife Linda, London’s Daily Mail newspaper reported today. "She told me that he did to Linda what he did to her. She says that staff of Paul’s told her that Linda had also suffered abuse," the friend said. Already Mills’ honesty was being called into question yesterday. She has told friends that cops were called on several occasions during fights with McCartney, but police appear to have no records of such incidents, the paper said. Mills has insisted to her friends she has evidence of the former Beatle’s brutality, yet there is a total lack of support for the claim that he attacked Linda. Writer and vegetarian activist Carla Lane, who was one of Linda McCartney’s best friends, told the Daily Mail, "That’s nonsense. I haven’t said anything about Paul since all this blew up, but I can’t let that pass. I was very close to Linda and I know she would have confided in me if anything like that had happened. It’s just not true." A close friend of McCartney’s was stunned by the accusation. "This is a man who gets distressed if he steps on an insect," he told the paper. Paul was married to Linda for 30 years and they reportedly only spent a week apart until she died of breast cancer in 1998. A legal source connected with Mills told the paper, "She told me she’s got medical records that back up the claims of violence against her. "She’s got witnesses who have given her statements, and she says she has admissions from Paul but I don’t know in what form. It’s certainly not audio recordings."

NY Daily News 

What a bitch. Seriously how long until she is forced to move out of the UK because she is the most hated person in the country? A week? A month? After the divorce is final?


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