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[ # ] New Amsterdam brings the heart tonight
November 27th, 2018 under NBC

Ever since I saw New Amsterdam over the summer, I have said this is my favorite new show of the season. Every week, I keep saying that. Tonight at 10p on NBC, it brings a very powerful episode that will stay with you until returns in 2019.

Max has decided to go the way of clinical trials to beat his cancer. While Dr. Sharpe is against it, she will do what her patient and boss wants done. She will reach out the guy running the trial to get Max on them. Will she be successful?

Meanwhile, Max (Ryan Eggold) gets a shock when the woman who received his sister’s heart comes into the hospital. Her heart is failing and we do everything in his power to keep the last part of his sister alive. Will he be able to do the impossible?

Iggy (Tyler Labine) has a transitioning patient come in to get some surgery. The teen wants to get the top done, but the parents are against it because their child is too young. Iggy hears both sides of the argument and sides with the parents. The teenager does something to get back at the doctor and the effect might cost him a lot.

All leading to an ending that will take your breath away. But I have said too much.

One last thing, I just love the way that Eggold can say more with his face than any other actor on television. It is its own character. Plus, it is very easy on the eyes.


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