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[ # ] Netflix obliterates Obliterated
February 1st, 2024 under Netflix

Netflix made a decision today, and I am not OK with it. The streamer decided to cancel Obliterated after one season. And I thought it was the streamer’s most entertaining show since they picked up Cobra Kai.

Obliterated was a fun, exciting action series that kept you guessing until the final minutes. But I guess it wasn’t enough for Netflix to say yes to a second season.

The first season was about a group of Special Forces who stopped a nuke from going off in Vegas. So they party like they saved the City of Sin from being obliterated.

The only problem was that it was a dummy bomb, and now they had seven hours to save Vegas from the actual nuclear bomb. And that won’t be as easy because they are drunk and high.

Can they sober up in enough to save the land of Elvis impersonators? You just have to watch, sadly, the only season to find out. And you are going to want to find out!

Just don’t do what I did. I watched it when I was donating platelets at the Red Cross, and there is a lot of male nudity, including C. Thomas Howell (who has a very lovely penis). And people could see what I was watching! But I didn’t press stop because I was having way too much fun!


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