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[ # ] Need someone to help you with Elf on a Shelf
December 9th, 2016 under Jimmy Kimmel

If you have young kids, then you probably have at least one Elf on a Shelf in your house. Every night you have to move that little expensive bean bag or your kid will come to you crying hysterically that Santa is mad at them for something they didn’t do. Therefore, you make sure to move it.
But some times you are too tired from working so hard so that you can pay for the asinine thing that you forget to move it.
You secretly wish that there was service that you could hire to relocate it for you. Well, there is! That’s right Shelf Shifters advertised their service on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and it is the best thing to happen to Christmas since Jesus was born.
Now you and your kids can wake happy every day. That is unless they catch someone touching that stupid thing. Which I love to do, just to mess with kids!


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