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[ # ] NBC made a Bad JUDGEment call cancelling A to Z
October 31st, 2014 under NBC
NBC decided today that they are not going to order any new episodes from Bad Judge and A to Z, but they will air all the 13 episodes that they asked for according to The Hollywood Reporter. I get why they pulled the plug on Bad Judge (it lives up to the first part of its name-, but I don’t think they ever gave A to Z a true shot.
First off, they put on at 9:30p after the ageing The Biggest Loser and before the ending Parenthood. When are networks going to realize that reality, comedies and dramas don’t go? If NBC believed in these shows, they would’ve given them a Tuesday run after The Voice. It’s helping the unfunny Marry Me. Or maybe they would’ve switched up TBL and the sitcoms one Thursday to see if they did better.
It’s like they dumped them on Thursday night and forgot about them. Then when it was time to remember them, they said forget it.
Hopefully with two new episodes left to be filmed, we will find out what happened to Andrew and Zelda after they have been dating for eight months, three weeks, five days and one hour.


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