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[ # ] Nat Geo takes on Anthrax with The Hot Zone
August 19th, 2021 under Uncategorized

Back in 2001, we spent the last part of the year dealing with the aftermath of what happened on September 11th. Journalists all over America spent their days and night reporting about it, but behind the scenes, they were being threatened by an unknown source.

There was a person going around sending the national news networks and politicians envelopes filled with the deadly substance Anthrax. They were terrified for their lives, but you never knew it because the news never stops.

This season on Nat Geo’s The Hot Zone they are going to spend three nights telling that story through the eyes of the FBI (Daniel Dae Kim) and the man (Tony Goldwyn) who was sending those deadly letters.

The 6-hour event debuts on November 28th.


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