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[ # ] MythBusters takes on Star Wars tonight!
January 4th, 2014 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+

Ever wonder if some of the biggest stunts in Star Wars could really be done? Well tonight at 8p you will discover the truth on Discovery’s MythBusters.
Adam and Jamie will find out if Luke could really swing himself and Princess Leia across the chasm to escape the Stormtroopers. Did I mention that Sophia Bush plays your teenage dream girl aka Luke’s sister? Kari and Tory will also test to see if the Ewoks could really take down Darth Vader’s truck with two humongous logs. Finally Grant Imahara sets out to see if Luke would really survive the cold on Hoth in a Tauntaun.
The supersized season premiere is a lot of fun and must watch, but not to attempt, episode for any Star Wars fan.
To make this episode even more special Jamie and Adam are answering your questions during the show at MythBusters Live. So check it out for special guests, behind the scenes information and the chance to win some really cool prizes.


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