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[ # ] Mysteries Decoded tries to solve the biggest mysteries
August 13th, 2019 under The CW

There is something about a good mystery that hooks us in and won’t let us go until we know the truth. Not every mystery is solvable. However, Mysteries Decoded on The CW tonight and every Tuesday at 9p is going to try.

Private Investigator Jennifer Marshall will do her best to get some answers with new evidence which we have not heard before. She a US Navy veteran and that makes her a natural skeptic. Will that work for or against her?

Tonight, she goes to the house where some say Lizzie Borden killed her parents and also the place where she lived after she was acquitted of their murders. She will use mediums who will try to contact Lizzie and her family. Will Lizzie come forward, her father, her stepmother or her sister stop by, to tell the truth? Marshall will also talk to a woman who is writing a book about the notorious murder that led to a famous nursery rhyme, what will she find out?

Next week, they look into The Mothman prophecies. Is the vision of doom real or is it an animal? She will talk to people who have seen it, residents of the town and those familiar with the legend.

As the weeks go one, she will also try to solve the mysteries of Area 51 and the Salem Witch Trials. If these mysteries were closed, then we would not care about them anymore. Since they are not, this show is interesting for people who both know what they are about and those who don’t know anything about these legends.

I watch shows like this all the time, and this one gives a different take of what we have seen done time and time again.


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