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[ # ] Motel 6 goes Garfield!
May 16th, 2024 under Animals

Have you ever wanted to stay in a room fit for a King like Garfield? Well, you can at 11 Motel 6s from now until June 6th in honor of the orange cat’s movie coming out on May 24th.

The Garfield-themed room’s walls are covered with orange fur and stripe prints, and it includes a cat condo and tree, dog and cat amenities, and plushies of the beloved movie characters.

“I love seeing myself on the big screen, so I figured, hey, let’s double down on my big break and take a new position as the first-ever Chief Pet Officer for Motel 6. As you’ll see in my new movie, I know first-hand how good it feels to be welcomed with a nice place to sleep,” said Garfield, Chief Pet Officer, Motel 6. “My first order of business was to design my own Garfield Movie-themed rooms for all cats to enjoy.”

The rooms are pet-friendly because Motel 6 is friendly to pets. So friendly that they let our four-legged friends stay for free. Now that my cat knows that, she wants us to stay in one of those rooms. What does she care? It is free for her, and costly for me.


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