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[ # ] Morgan Freeman is so excited to be on GMA, he fell asleep!
July 24th, 2014 under Morgan Freeman, TV News

Morgan Freeman has been doing a lot of press recently for CBS’s Madame Secretary (he is a producer on it) and Lucy, so he has been missing out on some much needed sleep. Today, he woke up early to be on Good Morning America, but he was still a little drowsy. So while he waited for his segment he took a cat nap. Although, that looks like more than just a cat nap. I wish I could sleep as deep as him.
So did he do what he did last year, and sleep through his interview? Nope, someone at GMA was given the sh!tty assignment of waking him up. I would’ve hated to do that because he looks so comfortable. Plus, I’d love to find out how sexy his snoring sounds. With his voice, you know it has to be the sexiest snore ever!
I take back what I said about wishing I could sleep as deeply as he does, because now I know what my cure will be. It will be going to see Lucy. Doesn’t that film look like a real snoozefest?



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