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[ # ] More than you wanted to know about Fred Savage’s sex life
May 23rd, 2016 under Fred and Ben Savage, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Fred Savage was co-hosting Live with Kelly today and he shared more than you wanted to know about him. The actor told Kelly Ripa that the hotel the show put him up in, is the same one that his wife and him made their first baby 10 years ago. If the story stopped there, then we would be OK bu
He went into detail about how his wife and him were having problem conceiving. They were using an ovulation stick that would tell you when it was time to have sex. When it said it was time to go, you had no choice but to do it right then and there. Only problem is they had a big meal and their stomachs looked like there were already 9 months pregnant. Because of that he doesn’t know how they made a baby. He also demonstrated how hard it was for them to connect.
But it gets worse. Ripa then admitted that her husband Mark Consuelos knows they are going to do it if she gets a salad. Anything else and they are just going to go to sleep. Savage said if his wife shaves her legs, then he thinks he will get lucky. He’s not always right about that.
I am going to have to binge watch The Wonder Years in order to get that image of Kevin Arnold out of my head. It is more than I needed to know about him, but it was endearing.
Although, as horrified as I am about hearing the details of how he made his first born, I think his son Oliver will be even more horrified when he watches this video on YouTube some day.


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