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[ # ] Miss Nebraska is all about the flash!
September 15th, 2014 under Miss America/ Miss USA

Miss Nebraska Megan Swanson was sitting getting ready to watch the Evening Wear section of the Miss America competition, when she did something that made her the winner of the night.
As Chris Harrison said that the judges were looking for “personal style and flair”, Swanson accidentally showed us her corn field. Luckily for her not only did she have underwear on, but it matched her shirt.
Even though she wasn’t crowned Miss America, she is the one everyone is talking about this morning. So it wasn’t all bad for her, although I am sure she is feeling like it is.
Ladies, the morale of the story, is you should always sit with your legs crossed when you are in a short skirt on national television. I personally thought that all the contestants were taught that lesson before they got to that stage of the game. Guess not. And if they were, then chances are no one would be talking about the Miss America competition today. Seriously, did you know it was on yesterday? I didn’t until Miss Nebraska’s Husker made an appearance.


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