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[ # ] Miley Cyrus dedicated tonight’s performance to Taylor Hawkins
March 26th, 2022 under Miley Cyrus

It has been a tough week for Miley Cyrus, but the show must go on. And it did tonight in Brazil as Lollapalooza.

Before it did, the singer shared why tonight’s show had to go on for her.

Brazil …. I’ve had a really emotionally and physically stressful last few days. After having altitude sickness, my plane was struck by lightening & the first person I spoke to after the flight has now passed away… when I got to where I was going I had bronchitis!
I always feel better when I am honest. To be real I just want tonight’s show to be PERFECT for you… but I know none of you have ever loved me for being perfect … it’s actually been the opposite. You’ve loved me thru all of my past struggles and I know you’ll support me now. 🖤
My mind wants to run…. But my heart and soul WOULD NEVER leave Brazil without giving you the best show possible. It isn’t aligned with my values to not stick to my word. I promised you a SHOW & there will be one! There is so much to celebrate and be excited about…
I am just feeling heart broken & “human” today…. But I am putting on my super hero suit and going to be strong not only for YOU but for ME! I want to live my truth AND MY MESSAGE! Never give up!
Tonights show is in honor of my friend Taylor Hawkins. The most bad ass dude I know who would want me to shine and sing LOUD for the love of rock n roll! I’ve got this with a little help from my friend TH above & all of you. Let’s do it . 🦅🖤🤘🏻

Hopefully, Cyrus will get to come back with an uneventful flight to States and get some rest. She needs it after this horrible week.


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