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[ # ] Microwaving tea got Phillip Schofield’s knickers in a bunch
June 9th, 2020 under This Is Us
Some woman, who goes by jchelle36 on TikTok, decided to make an instructional video on how to make tea. First, she filled the cup with tap water, put in the microwave for a minute, then in this order added the milk, the teabag, and finally the sugar.

Well, the British are blowing steam like a tea kettle. When This Morning’s Phillip Schofield saw the video, he became outraged. So much so, he ranted about it on the show this morning with Holly Willoughby.

Who knew making tea would cause an international incident, but it did. Someone call in the United Nations to remedy the situation.

When I sent the anchor’s tirade to my friend in London, she told me, They take their tea very seriously over here.” Too bad they don’t feel the same for coffee. I said it!

To see the video that caused the biggest war between the Yanks and the Brits since, well the Tea Party, then


Americans making hot tea 🍵 ##americanintheuk @mleemaster10

♬ original sound – jchelle36

Who would’ve believed that Donald Trump or Meghan Markle were not the worst thing to come between Britain and the United States in 2020?

BTW Can we talk about disgusting tea in milk is? So yucky. Rut-roh!


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